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Adding new tabs to your social network’s navigation is a great way to highlight the important content on your social network while making that content easily accessible to your members. Renaming a tab helps customize the navigation on your social network.

With the Tab Manager, you can also add extra pages of content to your social network. Your new pages can contain any content you’d like. You can even allow members to comment on your new pages if you’d like their opinion on something.

Adding pages to your social network is a great way to highlight important content. Pages are extremely flexible – you can add anything from text to images to hyperlinks. You can add a page for a particular video or widget you want members to pay attention to, or to add a store to your social network.


To add a page to your social network, go to the Tab Manager from the Manage page. From here, click the “Add New Tab” link in the top left of the page. In the “Tab Information” section, give your new tab a name and select “Create a New Page.” This means your new tab will point to a brand-new page.

Save your settings, then head to your new page. Click the “Edit” link to begin customizing your new page.