Bldg98: Social networking for writers

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Bldg98 is a collection of online “tenants” dedicated to the craft of writing. Created by writers for writers, the Bldg just launched its Author Services feature. Members seeking visibility and better marketing can now purchase website hosting and custom design through the folks running the Bldg.

One way to drive participation is by rewarding superstar members. Bldg98 does just that by spotlighting Jason E., who invited the most members in the month. The Bldg also makes use of groups to build conversation around genres like Romance, Sci-Fi, and Mystery.

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One thought on “Bldg98: Social networking for writers

  1. Jeff Pritchard

    I continually see references to rewarding members, but can not find how this can be done reasonably well. There is no access to the statistics for discussions strated, comments posted, photos uploaded and even members invited that can be queried for a period. It all requires a time consuming manual compilation process.

    Can you enlighten me how this can be achieved?

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