Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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filMixer is a social network for film and media makers. Because this social network’s 1,000 members span so many areas of film and media, smaller groups help members connect with those who have similar interests.

The smooth, clean look and feel of this social network is highlighted in filMixer’s logo, a lowercase f and an uppercase M. Each of the featured groups on the main page has a group image themed to match the filMixer logo. For example, the Animation group has an image with an f (for filMixer) and an A (for Animation), while the image for the Shooters group has an f and an S. These themed group images help filMixer brand itself and keep a consistent look across the social network.

As active as filMixer is, it’s still in beta mode. While we’ve written about the benefits of creating a private beta for your social network, making a public beta version has benefits as well. Members know that the social network isn’t necessarily a finished product. In a text box front and center on the main page they’re invited to provide feedback on what they’d like to see more of while the social network is in beta mode.