Gina Bianchini
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Last night we triggered a technical issue during some routine maintenance that resulted in a number of social networks on Ning inadvertently being taken offline. This had the same impact as if you went to your social network’s Manage page and chose the option to take your social network offline. In this state, everything on your social is right where you left it, it just shows that it is offline to the world.

We are running a script in the next few hours that will revert any social network impacted. You can also take your social network back online via your social network’s Manage page or contact us to do it. At that point, everything should be restored without issue. You should contact us at the Ning Help Center if you see anything that is at all confusing.

This was an inconvenience that we will avoid in the future and, in the meantime, appreciate your patience, flexibility, and support on it.