Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Every social network on Ning comes with a selection of media players and badges for people to embed on other sites on the web. Embedding your social network’s media players and badges on other sites is a great way to spread the word and drive visitors to your social network.

Your built-in media players are powerful viral tools. When you embed your music player, photo slideshow, or video player on an external website, it will be branded with the social network’s customizable watermark. Additionally, these media players link back to your social network so viewers will know where the content is coming from. They can click on the media players and be taken directly to your social network, where they can enjoy more songs, photos, or videos.


To add your social network’s media players to another site, click the Share icon in the toolbar of your music player, photo slideshow, or video player. If your media player is located in the right or left column, click the triangle icon to expand the toolbar. From here, click the “Copy” button to grab the embed code. You can then paste it into a website.