Laura Oppenheimer
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Louisville Photography Collective

The Louisville Photography Collective is a social network for artists who choose photography as their medium and who live in or around Louisville. Not surprisingly, the Photos section on the Louisville Photography Collective has thousands of photos uploaded to it, with content ranging from family portraits to architecture shots. Using the ability to feature content, this social network highlights the best photographs and encourages other members to check them out.

To showcase featured photos on your social network, head to the main page and locate the photos box. Click the “Edit” button and choose to display “Featured” content. Next, find a photo you’d like to feature on the main page and click the “Feature” link on the photo’s detail page. Or, if you want to draw even more attention to these choice photos, you can encourage members to check them out by adding a text box with a link to the featured photos page, like Louisville Photography Collective has done.