A private social network for those touched by Autism
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Floortime Repository is a social network for parents of children with autism who are interested in learning more about the DIR/Floortime model of treatment. The DIR/Floortime model is an interdisciplinary approach that helps children with autism reach healthy emotional milestones rather than simply targeting the symptoms of autism, and includes “Floortime” sessions in which parents and caregivers connect with the child on their current mental and emotional level.

Floortime Repository brings together parents and professionals to discuss the different aspects of the DIR/Floortime model, to support each other, and to share their stories. Network Creator Alexis has a son with autism, and she created the social network “to help others like ourselves find the support and resources so each child could reach their potential and dare to dream.” Floortime Repository was recently featured in the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders April newsletter for raising awareness and helping others touched by autism.

Because of the kind of information members of this social network share about their families and personal stories, Alexis has chosen to make it completely private. Anyone can join, but this way, members feel more comfortable sharing their stories. It’s a perfect example of when a private social network may encourage more participation by members.

If your social network is targeted towards an audience that might benefit from an increased level of privacy, you have quite a few built-in privacy settings you can take advantage of. These range from fully public to completely private and invite-only. You can even take advantage of the ability to approve new members so you can further control who joins your social network.

To change the privacy of your social network, head to the Manage tab and click on “Network Privacy.” If you switch your social network from public to private or vice versa, your social network will be temporarily offline during this process. No need to worry – it’ll automatically come back online as soon as the change has been made!