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Nappy Boy Online - The Official Website of Nappy Boy & T-Pain

Nappy Boy Online is the official website and social network of hip hop artist T-Pain and his record label, Nappy Boy. The artists on his label all have profiles on the social network and write blog posts to keep fans updated on everything from last night’s BET Awards to rehearsals for their upcoming tour to videos from the studios. Blog posts from T-Pain, Tay Dizm, and others are highlighted front and center in the middle column of the main page.

Members of the social network can stay connected to T-Pain and the label’s family across the internet thanks to a handy text box in the left column of the social network. The text box contains links to the record label’s official Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube profiles. To further drive people to the social network, each of these external profile pages contain links to Nappy Boy Online. This is a great way to unite an online presence across multiple social networks and drive people back to the social network.