Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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Adding a new tab to your social network’s navigation highlights important content and makes it easy to access. Another great way to keep the layout of your navigation clean and well-organized is to create sub-tabs, drop down menus that appear below your top level tabs.

Adding sub-tab menus allows you to keep the number of top level tabs to a minimum, while highlighting information that’s most important. This way the initial experience for new members and visitors isn’t too confusing, and when they’re ready to dive in they’ll easily have access to the best information and content. With the Tab Manager, you can turn any tab into a sub-tab, or create new tabs as sub-tabs.

A Climate for Change, a social network we wrote about yesterday, encourages members to act on climate change,  and provides detailed information on the facts, the impacts, and how to get involved. Details on the issues at hand are highlighted in sub-tabs under the tab called “The Issues,” and members can learn more specific information about getting involved in the sub-tabs under “Get Active.”


To create a sub-tab, head to the Manage tab and click on the “Tab Manager” link. Choose the tab you’d like to turn into a sub-tab, then check the “Make this a sub-tab” box. Sub-tabs are indented on the left side of the Tab Manager to show which top-level tab they belong to. Click “Save Tab Settings” and enjoy your new sub-tab!