Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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The Language Editor allows you to edit the text on your social network. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to customize your social network, and using it you can do everything from creating a new translation to renaming a feature. You can also use the Language Editor to customize the emails that come from your social network.

For many of your members, the invitation they receive will be their first introduction to your social network and all the content it has to offer. While invitations sent out from your social network include your description and some information about the content available to members, you can add some additional information that will encourage them to click through and join your social network.

You can easily update your social network’s invitation message using the Language Editor. This can be anything from a small tweak, like changing “Come join me” to “I’d like to invite you to join,” to more context, like adding a longer paragraph explaining what your network is all about.


To edit your invitation text, head to the Manage tab and click on “Language Editor,” then choose your social network’s Language. Search for the phrase “Come join me on,” the default invitation message. You’ll see several results; the “Come join me on” string that includes an exclamation point is the one that appears in the body of invitation emails from your social network.

In the corresponding field, enter your new invitation message. Once you click save, your invitation message will be customized for your social network.