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Today in Montclair,,

Today in Monclair is a social network that celebrates “all the joys and woes of Montclair,” a district in Oakland, California. Network Creator Deborah has integrated her blog about Montclair into her social network with a tab that links to “Today’s Blog.”

Deborah and members write about happenings around town including a turtle sighting in downtown and the recent appearance of a local ice cream parlor, Fenton’s, in Pixar’s movie Up! Members also gather offline at various events including a free outdoor movie tonight and a Bluegrass festival this weekend.

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  1. Deborah Richman

    Thanks for the mention. Also we take the RSS feeds for events and blog postings, and expose them on Today’s Blog as well. Ning provides a lot of flexibility for publishing and cross-pollinating! Thanks again, Deborah Richman

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