Tonight’s Release is Live

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We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release, which we’ve blogged about here and here, is now live on your social network. Here are the highlights:

More Display Options for Chat

As we mentioned earlier, Chat now has multiple display options. By default, Chat now has its own tab, and you can choose whether to embed it on the Main Page or keep it as a bar at the bottom of your social network on Ning. Here’s how it looks embedded on the Main Page (click on this image to see a larger version):


And here’s how it looks on its own page (click on this image to see a larger version):


Member Photos are Back on Latest Activity

Member photos are back in the Main Page’s Latest Activity feed, and have replaced the icons. By default, Latest Activity on Profile Pages also display member photos.

For the Profile Page, you have the option as the Network Creator to remove people’s photos in the Latest Activity feature. Here’s how it looks with member photos (click on this image to see a larger version):


For more context about the new Latest Activity, check out our blog post here. If you have any questions about tonight’s release, please contact us in the Ning Help Center. Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Tonight’s Release is Live

  1. P. Smith

    My problem is, I had the Chat Tab then I deleted it because we used ParaChat. I embedded the Ning to the Main page and then changed it to the bar at teh bottom of the page. Is there anyway to change the defaults back without loosing all of my other tabs I’ve set up?

  2. d

    Is there a way to remove the chat bar and just have Chat as a separate page? We don’t want it on our main page because there’s enough there. But the Chat bar screws up all mobile devices when they view the site in normal viewing mode. I understand that the ning sites have a mobile address…but not everyone uses it.

  3. raulvcrzs


    Is there a way to change/tailor the sound that one hears when a new message is posted on the Chat window?


  4. Gogo

    OK I have it embedded on the Main Page. Not sure I want to keep it there. BUT how do I get a tab for CHAT now? I tried creating one and it went to a blank page?

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Gogo,

      You should automatically see a Chat tab in the Tab Manager. If you’re not seeing one, you can create a new tab and point it to the existing URL “/chat”.

      If that doesn’t do the trick, drop us a note in the Ning Help Center and we’ll be happy to investigate.


  5. אדווה

    Hi ning

    The new releas is so greatfor us
    We love the avatar photo’s in the graet new chat

    This new reles solved our problem in the chat

    One thing :the new update has change our transletion
    and we can’t find how totranslet it back

    Can you help?


    1. Nick Post author

      We definitely want to make sure that all your translation options are still in place. Can you drop us a note in the Ning Help Center with the particular text you are trying to translate?

  6. Central Coast Today

    THANK YOU! The members love having chat back on the home page, and it’s great seeing the Member Photos in the Lastest Avtivity section once again. Our site had gotten pretty quiet lately, after the original chat disappeared, but we’re already see a big increase in activity just since last night. It’s brining our site back to life!

    Thanks again!


  7. Mackenzie

    Hi Jim,

    To add Chat as a box to the Main page, head to the Manage tab and click on “Feature Controls.” Under “Chat,” choose “Display Chat as a box on the Main page.”


  8. THE 405 CLUB

    Looks good Nick. Great meeting you last night!

    New York’s (Un)Employment Network on $405/week

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