Nick Barr
Nick Barr
Updates to Chat & Latest Activity are on the way
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Next week On June 25th, we’re updating your social network’s Chat and Latest Activity features. Chat will now have multiple display options: you can give it its own tab, and choose whether to place it on the Main Page or keep it as a bar at the bottom of your social network on Ning.

As for Latest Activity, member photos are back in the Main Page’s Latest Activity feed, which will replace the icons. Additionally, member photos will be displayed in the Profile Page Latest Activity feature. These updates will be rolled out in a release scheduled for June 18th 25th.

More Display Options for Chat

With this release, you’ll be able to give Chat its own page, and even embed it on the Main Page of your social network. Here’s how it will look like embedded on the Main Page (click on this image to see a larger version):


And here’s how it will look in its own page (click on this image to see a larger version):


Here’s how Chat will look when you’re signed out of the social network. And this is how it will look to Chat moderators.

If you have Chat enabled today, a Chat tab will automatically appear in the navigation for your social network. It’s easy to keep Chat but remove the tab — just go to the Tab Manager and click the “x” button next to the Chat tab. Your social network’s Chat bar will still appear across the bottom of every page on your social network.

To control whether Chat displays just as a bar at the bottom of your social network or additionally as an embedded feature on the Main Page, just go to the Manage page and click Feature Controls:


Member Photos are Back on Latest Activity

We really appreciate everyone’s feedback earlier this month on the Latest Activity feature. While there were strong opinions on all sides, we ultimately made the decision to return to member photos without the option to keep the icons. The data is stark showing the effectiveness of clickthrough rates to Profile Pages and content from the Latest Activity feature when member photos are displayed vs. the icons.

While we try to give as many options as possible in the creation and management of your social network on Ning, we also have to balance the options we present against the data that we see across over 1.2M social networks in terms of what works.

When something is going to get in the way of maximum success of your social network, we’ve erred on the side of ensuring success over offering more choices. It’s not an easy decision, but one that makes sense in the pursuit of creating a platform for the most successful social networks available anywhere on the web.

By default, Latest Activity on Profile Pages will display member photos. On the Profile Page, you will have the option as the Network Creator to remove people’s photos in the Latest Activity feature. Here’s how it will look with member photos (click on this image to see a larger version):


Here’s how it will look without member photos. To make the change to no profile photos, just go to the Manage page and click the Latest Activity link and customize.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing from you in the Ning Help Center.