Athena von Oech
Athena von Oech
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Zoomers is a social network for grownups in Canada from the magazine of the same name. The 7000 members have added 12,000 photos and created several groups, including a birthday club to keep track of members birthdays and celebrate. Proud Zoomers can buy shirts at their shop, which has been added as a tab.

Zoomers has integrated the magazine in a few ways. First, they promote the most recent issue using a text box on the main page. They also encourage members to blog for the magazine and have created a group for this purpose.

Zoomers has also taken advantage of the ability to increase the font size of the social network. To bump up the font size on your social network, go to your Manage page, and click Appearance. From the Appearance page click on the “All Options” tab. In the text section, several customization options are available to you including altering the font size from “default” to “small” or “large.”