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The Green Parent Chicago Network

Eco-friendly parents in the Chicago area gather at the Green Parent Chicago Network. This social network, created through a partnership of Green Parent Chicago, Chicago Green Families and The Green Mama, aims to share information about sustainable and natural living. Members of the Green Parent Chicago Network discuss ways to effectively clean mildew, environmentally friendly ways to control pests in the garden, and how to pack school lunches with the least waste.

The Events section on the Green Parent Chicago Network is full of workshops, info sessions, and even service projects for the whole family to help members be even more green. The social network has been integrated into the Green Parent Chicago main website thanks to a consistent and well-designed header image. A tab on the social network, added using the Tab Manager, points to the main website, and a button on the sidebar of the main website directs people to the social network. This ensures that visitors can easily go back and forth between the two.