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ASPCA Online Community

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals, or ASPCA, runs the ASPCA Online Community, a social network for animal lovers everywhere. Nearly 26,000 members have joined, forming over 800 special interest Groups. There are groups for specific types or breeds of animals, like the Catsville and Pit Bull groups. There are also groups for people who have taken in strays and for members who want to remember their beloved pets who have passed. Over 93,000 photos have been added to the ASPCA Online Community, many of them portraying members’ pets.

They’ve integrated the ASPCA main website and social network a few ways. First, they’ve used a similar appearance including a consistent logo and tabbed navigation across both websites. Using the Tab Manager, they’ve added a tab to the social network that points to Finally, a text box with an image encouraging visitors to donate to the ASPCA is displayed prominently on both the main website and the social network.