Athena von Oech
Athena von Oech
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Yesterday we blogged about appointing Network Administrators to help you manage your social network. You can also provide members with moderation tools without giving them full access to all administrative features on your social network. This can be useful if you’d like a member to moderate and delete videos and photos, but don’t want to give the management privileges to do more than that.

You can create different levels of administrators and assign specific features to each level. To do this, go to the Manage tab and click on the “Members” link. From the “Members” page, follow the link to “Manage Roles.”

On the Manage Roles page, click “Add a Role.” You’ll see all permissions that you can grant to members on your social network:

Manage Roles3

From this page, you can create specific administrative roles for your social network. For example, if you’d like help moderating members, just check the “Members” box and name the role something like “Member Moderator.” Or if you’d like help with moderating a combination of features – photos, videos, events and blogs for example – check all those boxes, and give your role a title.

After you have selected the mix of features and content items that you want a member to moderate, click “Save” to create that role. Once the role has been created, you can appoint members to the role back on the Manage Members page. And, to save you time, energy and repetition, you can assign as many members as you’d like to a particular role and create up to 20 roles on your social network.

You can even assign people to moderate specific content items like a popular discussion forum thread or video. We’ll be back tomorrow to walk you through setting that up on your social network.