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Athena von Oech
Create a group on your social network
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You can use the Groups feature on your social network to meet people with your interests or in your region. For example, a social network for runners could have groups for fans of specific distances like marathoners, half-marathoners, 5kers, and groups for specific regions like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

To create a group on your social network, head to the Groups tab and click “Add a group.”

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From here, start by filling out information about your group. Name your group and upload an image to make your group look nice and stand out. Add a description to let prospective members know why they should join your group. You can also modify the URL of your group, add a website, and even add your location if your group is specific to a region.

Next, choose which features you’d like your group to have. Groups on your social network come equipped with their own discussion forum, RSS reader, text box and comment wall, and several privacy settings. As a group creator, you can choose the features and privacy settings you’d like to have for your group.

Once you’ve filled in information about your group and chosen the features and privacy setting you’d like, click “Add Group” to finish creating your group!