It’s all in the family at Genealogy Wise

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Genealogy Wise - The Genealogy & Family History Social Network

Family history is a fascinating thing. People interested in researching and discovering their family’s history are joining Genealogy Wise, a social network created by World Vital Records.

The 10,000 members of Genealogy Wise are extremely active in the social network’s 2,000 plus Groups.  One of the main ways Groups are used is to give people with the same surname a way to connect with each other. If your last name is Poe, Pollack, Johnston or Rea, there’s a group for you! Another group helps members learn how to date photos they have of their ancestors and even possibly get help in identifying people in the images.

Those who want to extend their search outside of the Genealogy Wise social network, can click on the Genealogy Search tab. This tab links to a Page in which a World Vital Records search form has been embedded, allowing members to look for family members without ever leaving the social network.

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2 thoughts on “It’s all in the family at Genealogy Wise

  1. Phil T

    Genealogy is a fascinating subject, which I have been interested in for a long time, the only factor in not achieving my goal of looking into my families past is finding the time.
    The site you have given ‘Genealogy Wise’ seems a very interesting site to look in to, I will have a look at this site when I can find a bit of time.
    It is a great thing to do, to retrace the history of your family as it shows what your heritage is all about and where you get your looks, mannerisms etc… from, what types of employment, hobbies and activities your ancestors where involve in.
    I totally agree with people retracing their own genetics, the only problem I find, it is not cheap and you need to do a lot of searching on the internet.

  2. Genealogy DNA

    My brother and I are meeting a very distant cousin today for the first time who we met through Genealogy DNA testing. I already know a ton about his ancestors and he knew almost nothing except his immediate family, so we are excited to compare our two branches of the family.

    Science and history coming together, very exciting.

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