Locals connect at Osiders.com

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Osiders.com - Invite Your Friends!

Oceanside is a city in San Diego County, California, and Osiders.com is the social network for residents. Members of the social network share photos and videos from around town, including this clip from this year’s Oceanside Ironman competition. Groups like the Running Club, Workout Partners, and the Oside Book Club help people meet neighbors with their interests.

Members of Osiders.com also share tons of local happenings in the Events section. This month, locals can enter the Oceanside Outdoor Sculpture Competition, check out short plays at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre, or attend the ball at the Oceanside Museum of Art. This Sunday also marks the beginning of the Jazz at the Beach concert series. A text box at the top of the middle column on Osiders.com promotes the event, a great way to further feature and highlight important happenings on the social network.

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