Athena von Oech
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Hawaii Pet Network

Pets and their owners meet up at the Hawaii Pet Network, a social network run by the Hawaii Pet Magazine. Like many other social networks connected to magazines, the Hawaii Pet Network has done a great job of seamlessly integrating the magazine into the social network. They have added a tab using the Tab Manager that points directly to the magazine and have embedded an online version of the current issue in a text box.

The Hawaii Pet Network is currently holding a contest for their Fall Issue cover model. Over 200 pets are vying for the title. To help voters with the decision process, they’ve put together slideshows of the contestants, sorted by name. Members can watch pets sorted by A-G, H-M, and N-Z and then rate and comment on their favorite pet. Voting ends on July 18th, at which point the editors of Hawaii Pet Magazine will choose a winner from the top 12 finalists.