Making it easy to see who’s online again

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Update: As we mention here, online indicators still need some tweaking and we’ve temporarily disabled them again.

We’re bringing the green icons on the Members page that show who’s online back to your Ning Network next Friday, August 7. We know how valuable these online indicators are for connecting with members who are online right now, and we’re excited about reintroducing them with some under-the-hood improvements. Once they’re live again, we’ll post to the Ning Status Blog. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Making it easy to see who’s online again

  1. Nick Post author

    Hey all,

    We updated this post and published a new one here to let you know that we’ve temporarily disabled online indicators again because we’re seeing some of the same issues. The good news is that we’re already working on a fix, and I’ll update the Ning Status Blog as soon as I have a date.



    The online indicator should be up and running again, according to the latest blog update, but I can’t see any indicators on my network?

    Do I have to activate it on my network? (As an administrator)

  3. Michael Pollard

    Loveeee this feature!!
    Maybe expaand it a little, for example, in advanced member searching, an option to search members by their status would be awesomness 🙂


  4. eCoronado

    Fantastic. Of course another cool feature would be ‘repeating events’. Thanks Ning!

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