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The Events feature is a great way to let people know about important upcoming conferences, concerts, or parties related to your social network. Using this feature, you can organize events that range from real-life meetups to online chat sessions. Once you’ve added Events to your social network, you can quickly and easily create events for your members.

To create an event, go to the Events tab and click the link to “Add an Event.”

Add an Event - Watercolor lime

Fill in information about your event, including name, event type, start and end time, and location. You can include details like what to bring, hyperlinks, images and even files in the “Description” field. Provide as much information as possible so members of your social network can quickly figure out what your event is about.

Though it’s not required, it’s a good idea to add an image to your event, roughly square in size. This can help your event stand out and will make the Events tab more visually appealing. If you’d like, you can also add a street, city or town, website or map, and phone number for your event.

Finally, don’t forget to choose the privacy settings for your event. Anyone can RSVP to a public event, while only invited people can RSVP to private events. You can also choose to disable RSVP altogether or hide the guest list.

Once you’ve added this info, just click “Create Event” and it will be added to your social network!