Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Early Learning Community - Early learning news, events & information

Early education (pre-kindergarten) is key for success later on in life. The Early Learning Community (ELC) is a social network for parents, educators and other professionals to connect and discuss early learning. The sponsor of this social network is The Early Learning Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports early learning initiatives across Washington State through community-based solutions.

Using the Forum feature, ELC has created a dynamic list of resources that any social network member can contribute to. There’s one list of resources for early learners up to three years old, and another for those ages four to five. Members are also turning to this social network’s forums when they need advice from parents who have been there before. One member is asking about the best children’s books, while another wonders when to introduce a bottle to her baby.

Let’s start create educational website with Ning: