Tonight’s release is live

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We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release, which we talk about here and here, is now live on your social network. Highlights are below:

Redesigned media uploader

We’ve redesigned the bulk media uploader to make uploading photos, videos and music as easy as possible. Here’s how the new media uploader looks on the “Add Photos” page:


Just click the “Click to Add Photos” icon to select which images you’d like to upload. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you’ll be able to create a new album for them or assign your photos to an existing album you’ve created. See this post for more details and screenshots.

New list view on the Members and Friends pages

With this release, Members and Friends pages now display in a list view. This should make it easier to get a skimmable view of members, find new friends, and take the actions — Add a Comment, Send a Message, Add as Friend — that make sense for these pages. We have early data showing that this display will be more effective for driving more page views and fostering friendships between your members than the previous grid  view.

Here’s how the new Members page looks:


We appreciate that this is a new look for the Members and Friends pages and it might take some time to grow on you. While we want your feedback in any case, give it a try before hating it. If after a few weeks you still can’t get used to it, by all means let us know what’s happening on your social network.

New advanced management options

As we outlined here, your social network’s Manage page now has an “Advanced Options” link where you can set up Google Webmaster Tools and edit your Robots.txt file. If you have the Point your domain name to your social network premium service, you’ll also see a Domain Redirection tool.

In addition to these Advanced Options, we’ve also made a number of improvements to the process of approving content. Network Creators and Administrators will now be able to see private photos, events, and blog posts in their entirety before deciding to approve them. Also, to make it easier to organize and categorize content, Network Creators and Administrators can now edit tags and titles of content, and add tags to members’ content. This post has further details on the new advanced management options for your social network.

Finally, we’ve added a “My Page” link to the page you see when you click “Settings.” Here’s how it looks:


In our ongoing effort to make your Ning Network as easy-to-use and speedy as possible, we’ve put in place a new 5 App limit for Profile Apps. You shouldn’t see any change to your or your members’ profile pages, but there will no longer be the additional “My Apps” page with room for more than 5 Apps. The reason for this is that (a) not many people were using this, and (b) having this feature that not many people were using was also slowing things on your Ning Network down unnecessarily.

If you were using this feature and miss it, drop us a note. We’d love to hear your feedback and we’re happy to answer any questions in the Ning Help Center. Thanks!

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20 thoughts on “Tonight’s release is live

  1. Lasse Koivisto


    My network is showing the old member way. How can i actually update to this newer version?


  2. The Groovy Rat

    Nick you stated that folllowing in on of your posts above:

    ‘As for the Online Indicators, thanks for your patience on this. We’ll post an update on them to the Ning Status Blog by Friday’.

    Do you have any update for us on the issue?



    1. Gina Bianchini

      The online indicator is coming. We want to make sure that it is speedy and can scale across the 1.3M Ning Networks, which is why it is taking a bit of time to bring it back to you. Thanks for your patience and it should be back in action in the next few weeks.

  3. Michael

    Not a fan of the new Members layout. It was easy to see a lot of people at a glance before, but now you have to keep scrolling and a lot of screen space is wasted.

  4. sugar

    Verification for Google Webmaster Tools …
    why don’t it work just for the main page to not be private, i don’t see why the whole site has to public.. for it to work…

  5. Soum


    I don’t think the google webmaster tools verification works for private networks that have the use your own domain premium feature. I gave it a try and Google

    Please correct me if I am wrong.


  6. dblock

    Hello, I pasted the Google verification .html file into the Webmaster box, but Google still cannot verify the site. Is this upgrade complete?


  7. Jay

    I Like the Simple Media Uploaders and the New ‘Manage My Page or Photo’ Link, it’s far More User Friendly!!

    Also the New Look Members Layout looks very Slick with the Add a Cooment etc Links!

    A Job well done!

    Can i suggest that as there is a Little Gap in the middle of the Members Layout Pages that it could be used with some facts about the member? Maybe if their was a Current Status or how many friends and photos that member has…?

    I know their was plans for Status Updates but i don’t know if these are still going ahead like Facebook has? It would be awesome if it did! Members would be hooked on our sites because thats what everyone loves about Facebook! Are these still going ahead Nick?

    But other than that it’s all great!

    I notice that since the Green ‘Online’ has disappeared that Nobody stays on our sites Much and the Sign Up’s have dropped, whats happeneing with this also?


  8. eCoronado

    I like the old member view better. It was easier to see a lot of members at one time. Perhaps there is a way to select your view from the current one to the old one?

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi all,

      In this case, as with the profile photos on the Latest Activity feature, we have data showing that this display will be more effective for driving more page views and fostering friendships between your members than the grid view. While we try to give as many options as possible for managing your social network on Ning, we also need to balance the options we present against the data that we see in terms of what works.

      We appreciate that the new look might take some time to grow on you — if after a few weeks you and your members still aren’t used to it, please let us know what’s happening on your social network.


  9. Chris Ewald

    Hi Ning Team,

    I’ve been managing a ning network for over a year and now have over 5,600 members. The new List View for Members is not an enhancement that improves my ability to manage my network — in fact, it does just the opposite.

    The actions are redundant (I access those actions through members’ My Lounge pages, which I watch closely because the network is a professional network for a marketing company), and the waste of real estate is frustrating; I’ve gone from being able to review 22 members at a time to 13, with actions I won’t use because I will still access those actions in direct relationship the the member’s My Lounge page. The previous version gave me a snapshot of new members that was much more effective than this new view.

    I realize other network managers and network members will find this an enhancement. Is there any way ning could provide network managers the capability to set the way we view our membership, choosing between this view and the previous iteration?

    Thanks, –Chris.

  10. Julian

    Awesome updates nick. And they all work first time! Keep up the good work.


    ps – Get the private chat bug fixed and the status updates rolling ASAP.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Julian,

      The issue with private chats disappearing as you navigate your social network should be fixed with this release. If you’re still seeing any weirdness with this, can you drop us a note in the Ning Help Center so we can investigate?


  11. Nick Post author

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the feedback! That’s 100 photos per upload — there’s no cap to the total number of photos you can add.

    As for the Online Indicators, thanks for your patience on this. We’ll post an update on them to the Ning Status Blog by Friday.

  12. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    One problem with the apps is the place where they are: in the top of the profile page. Like in Orkut, I think that the apps wil be more sucefful if they are down in the page.

  13. LiveforLondon

    Looks Brilliant!
    I’m like the cleaner layout of the Members!

    Also the Photo Uploader is a Neater Layout!

    It says on the bottom of the Uploader that 100 photos can be uploaded, is that the Maximum on each upload or is that indicating the Maximum that any Member can have in their Pics Folder?

    Also we still can’t see the Online Indicator working?

    Thanks, Jeff

  14. Nick Post author

    Hi Rich,

    Google provides some nice context for Sitemaps here.

    While there’s not currently a built-in way to add a Sitemap, if you contact us in the Help Center we’d be happy to work with you to get your Sitemap.xml file set up.


  15. Rich Page

    Great release! Question – how can you actually upload a site map, which is an important part of the google webmaster tools…

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