Finding gems of the ocean at Seaglass Lovers

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Summer is a perfect time to walk along the beach and collect seaglass. For lovers of these colorful polished stones, there’s Sea Glass Lovers (SGL), a Ning Network where members share their collections from around the world.

SGL’s 2000 members use the Groups feature to share ideas, talk about their perfect beach wedding, or talk about the best sea glass locations. And to encourage members to upload their own pictures, Seaglass Lovers has dubbed August “profile photo month.” With a Text Box on the Main Page, SGL links to an FAQ in the Forum explaining how to upload a profile photo.

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2 thoughts on “Finding gems of the ocean at Seaglass Lovers

  1. Linda Jereb

    Thanks Nick, I am the members are very proud of the 1000’s of photo, ideas and forums that have been taking place at SGL………we are told that the site is as addictive as actually finding sea glass.

    Thanks for the nice write up!

    Linda J – By The Sea
    Seaglasslovers Founder

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