Ning Apps to launch in early September

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We are excited to announce that Ning Apps will debut in early September!

When you create a Ning Network around a specific interest or passion, you need a diverse feature set that allows you to be creative and customize the experience for your members. For example, if you run a Ning Network around a non-profit organization or a cause you care about, you can take a poll with a new Ning App that allows you to check the pulse of your members to better understand what moves them. Then you can use a direct donation Ning App to drive contributions to your cause within your Ning Network.

By offering more than 90 different applications, Ning Apps provide a unique opportunity for Network Creators to further customize the social experience on their Ning Network based on their goals. This flexibility will allow Ning Network Creators to spark more relevant engagement, enhance collaboration, and conduct e-commerce.

We want to thank the Network Creators who are participating in our private beta and the application developers who partnered with us to create such a diverse set of features.

We look forward to launching Ning Apps next month!

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21 thoughts on “Ning Apps to launch in early September

  1. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi BK!

    If your Ning Networks are running current code, you’ll be able to add Ning Apps by clicking on Manage and then selecting the Ning Apps icon. If you aren’t seeing it on one (or more) of your Ning Networks, please let us know through the Ning Help Center and we can take a look!


  2. BK

    I am eagerly looking for this API, however I only got it on one of my test networks so far, so I still can’t use it live! Are you just incrementally opening up?

  3. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your patience! We’ll have an update on Ning Apps soon – stay tuned to the Ning Blog.


  4. Dan


    I’m still waiting for a response from 8/28/09!?!? Can someone please provide an answer to my last posting? Also, we are already at the end of the first week in September. So, how much longer before those third party apps are available?

    I’d really appreciate your prompt response as I am currently anxiously waiting to hear from you so that I can launch and promote my newly created social network~!

    Thanks and regards,


  5. Dan


    So does this mean I will actually be able to use those apps on my actual MAIN page? In other words, will I be able to use any of those apps as part of my Social Network instead of my own personal page so that I can actually add more features and/or functionalities to my social network?

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Dan!

      Ning Apps will get added as tabs to your Ning Network via the Tab Manager. Some of those Ning Apps will include a profile view and will automatically get added to your members’ My Apps. Drop us a note if you have any questions about this, and we’ll have more info soon.


  6. Randall Hall

    Nick–looking forward to the new apps–do you have specific time frame in Sept? I’m trying to launch business with Ning site but am particularly interested to see if you’ll be adding an app that allows subscriptions and/or ecommerce options. If there’s a way to know that something like that is coming, it would be helpful to know rather to wait or move forward with an external option (suggested by one of the Ning folks)



    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Randall!

      E-commerce is definitely one of the cornerstones of Ning Apps and the power of OpenSocial. As for the date of the launch, I’d just say for that we’re on track for early September for now =) Stay tuned for more info!

  7. Rebecca Woods

    Sounds great. I’m a newbie network creator on Ning. How do network creators experiment with new features and apps? Do you set up a dummy network for testing and playing around? Or is that what the Ning Developer Network is for? I am not interested in writing my own apps – I’m not that technically inclined. I just want a place to experiment with how new things work before introducing them on my own network.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Rebecca!

      Great question. I’ve seen many Network Creators create a dummy or sandbox network for testing out new features and custom designs. That’s definitely what I would recommend.


    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Vaughn,

      At launch you’ll add Ning Apps using the Tab Manager, so they’ll get their own page rather than appear on the Main Page. The thinking behind this placement is to make Ning Apps highly visible while keeping your Main Page speedy and focused — which is key as you grow your Ning Network.

  8. Roland Taylor


    I’m waiting :).

    Is there any info for developing our own apps in the future?

    -Roland Taylor

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