Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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We are excited to announce that Ning Apps will debut in early September!

When you create a Ning Network around a specific interest or passion, you need a diverse feature set that allows you to be creative and customize the experience for your members. For example, if you run a Ning Network around a non-profit organization or a cause you care about, you can take a poll with a new Ning App that allows you to check the pulse of your members to better understand what moves them. Then you can use a direct donation Ning App to drive contributions to your cause within your Ning Network.

By offering more than 90 different applications, Ning Apps provide a unique opportunity for Network Creators to further customize the social experience on their Ning Network based on their goals. This flexibility will allow Ning Network Creators to spark more relevant engagement, enhance collaboration, and conduct e-commerce.

We want to thank the Network Creators who are participating in our private beta and the application developers who partnered with us to create such a diverse set of features.

We look forward to launching Ning Apps next month!