Laura Oppenheimer
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The Cafe Handmade Lounge - Love Handmade, Buy Handmade, Sell Handmade

The Cafe Handmade Lounge is a virtual craft fair, where artists and those who love crafts can meet up. Connected to both a main website and a marketplace, the Cafe Handmade Lounge provides a place for crafty and artistic members to trade stories and advice, while showcasing their best work.

Members are encouraged to shop around by visiting the profile pages of each artist and checking out their online galleries. Like a real craft fair, it’s easy for prospective customers to ask a question of the artist; they can just leave a comment on their profile page. And if they can’t find what they are looking for, members can always post about what they are looking to purchase in the Artists for Hire group and hope that one of the group’s members will make something especially for them.