Student-driven change at National Marriage Boycott

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National Marriage Boycott

The National Marriage Boycott is a student-driven movement urging President Obama to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Members of NMB are wearing Equality Rings as a symbol of their pledge to boycott marriage until the LGBTQ community has full rights on the federal level.

NMB has used the Page feature to give members a way to place their order for an Equality Ring without leaving the Ning Network. The National Marriage Boycott is also up for a $10,000 prize from Ideablob, and they’re making great use of the Text Box feature to direct all visitors to the competition site.

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One thought on “Student-driven change at National Marriage Boycott

  1. Nick Post author

    Hi Ryan!

    Ernie wrote up a nice tutorial for this here in the Developer Network:

    Right now it’s strictly a CSS hack — that means it’s not guaranteed to work, it takes some CSS knowledge, and it might break without warning. Please keep all that in mind before proceeding!

    Naturally we would love to build this into the product and give you even more flexibility in the Appearances page from the Manage tab. This is certainly on my wishlist and I’ll let the team know it’s on yours, too. (Also followed up at GS, thanks for the link.)


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