The joy of gardening in North Carolina

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Garden Asheville is a Ning Network created by the Asheville Citizen-Times’s gardening and outdoors section. “Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just sprouting a green thumb,” they write, “we hope you join us as we cultivate a digital community of garden lovers and gardening experts.”

A beautiful photo slideshow is featured front and center on the Main Page of Garden Asheville. The images display the best of outdoor life in Asheville, from butterflies to freshly grown peppers to flowers in bloom. Using the Feature option, it’s easy to choose which images on your Ning Network will appear on your Main Page.

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One thought on “The joy of gardening in North Carolina

  1. Greg Tracy

    Are the Ning photos available via a web service? In other words, can I syndicate the slide shows elsewhere to show off and promote a Ning network?

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