(Update) Tonight’s release is live!

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We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release, which we talk about here, is now live on your Ning Network. This release makes it easier to use the mobile interface for your Ning Network by introducing an automatic redirect for anyone who visits your Ning Network from an iPhone. It also adds some more structure to the way Main Page features display, keeping your Main Page speedy and focused. Finally, this release refreshes the default layout for My Pages to add emphasis on the Comment Wall, making it easier for members to keep in touch with each other.

For more details, check out our blog post here. Please drop us a line in the Ning Help Center with any questions or feedback!

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9 thoughts on “(Update) Tonight’s release is live!

  1. MAXX

    +1 here also for profile info at top–very important when your site is more if a professional site than a networking site……..

  2. kgrucci

    +1 for moving the Profile info back to the top of members’ pages as the default layout. I agree with Jay’s assessment. My members want to see who someone is first when they go to their page. It’s first and foremost their resume on my network. At the very least, can these types of changes be made configurable by NCs.



  3. Becca

    I don’t think I have particularly big fingers, but I had a tough time touching the text at the very bottom of the iphone view of my site to go to the regular view. I’d always end up touching the bar below — which if I recall correctly — leads to a different command. If we could just get a wee more space between the text to go back to the full view of the site and whatever was placed right below that would be great.


    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Becca,

      We don’t want the mobile experience to make you self conscious about the size of your fingers =) I’ll flag this for our team so that we can investigate if we can do things better here.


  4. Charles

    hmm, … today your 3 lines code didn’t detect my iphone 🙁

    I wonder if you can use your network …./m within any WAP 2.0 mobile browser (Nokia, Blackberry, etc). Normally it sould work as the iphone version is just a webapp.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Charles, you can visit the iPhone interface from any device, and it might work pretty well on some of them. But we don’t test it on any mobile device other than the iPhone, so it’s not guaranteed to be totally smooth. We’re looking to change that down the road.

      If you’re not seeing the automatic redirect, you might want to check out the update I posted to the top of this post — we’ve temporarily removed it while we investigate a few reports.


  5. Jay

    All great with the iphone updates!!

    One thig i am very worried about is the Profile Info Moving to the bottom?

    I’ve just set up a Actors, Model and Photographers Site, Basically Media Organizatons and i have a few Profile Questions Identifying who they are…

    But now the Profile Info is down the bottom and i have no intention of allowing Members to Adjust their Layout as I want to keep a Neat and Professional looking Site.

    My question is how can this be reset to appear back where it was which made things more easier for other members when Glancing at someones page?

    This isn’t looking good… the Latest Activity Feature is enough to attract the eye to a Potential Member… then they want to read who the Member is… not Comments straight after the Latest Activity.

    So what do i do now?

    Allow people to move the modules about?

    And send them a Message to say each time?

    I’m sorry but the Profile Info needs to be back where it was, this change is ok for some maybe, but not the majority.

    Can you please put it back where it was?

    I’ve never seen a Site out there that has the Comments near the top of the page.

    I hope my Members don’t think it’s me thats done this… they’ll think i’ve gone mad.

    Please respond.

    many thanks,


  6. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Mustapha!

    That’s a great question. Adding additional mobile options for non-iPhone users is definitely something we’re looking in to doing. At this time, however, the iPhone version is the only mobile version we offer.



    Thanks guys….this is nice…i like it…but when are we gone have a Ning mobile version that works good on all phone just like facebook does…. coaz not every member of mine uses iphone..

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