Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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When we last checked in with The 405 Club, they had recently launched as a resource for unemployed workers in New York City.  Today, the club helps connect unemployed workers in “all 50 states” and hosts events and networking opportunities for members.

One recent event, organized with the Events section on their Ning Network was a picnic in Central Park for members to celebrate the club’s 405th member. In addition to members, members of the press also socialized with the picnickers, including the Wall Street Journal. A story about the picnic highlighted the power of The 405 Club and two other Ning Networks — Who Killed the Bear and The Lehman Family — to connect unemployed workers to each other. It further highlighted a recent success of one 405 Club member.

The 405 Club’s favorite success story is that of Ms. Adams, a friend of [the Ning Network Creator] who was also laid off from her marketing job at Epic Records. She’d already studied business at the University of Virginia, but after signing up for Mayor Bloomberg’s FastTrac program for aspiring entrepreneurs, she decided to pursue her passion for cooking and founded her own catering company, Uptown Comfort. The 405 Group helped her get her very first gig, a 500-person charity event with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, through a member who was on the hospital’s board.

Now, Ms. Adams is up and running with jobs to spare, and she hires members of The 405 Club as servers for her events. As a thank you, she provided her homemade chocolate chip cookies and cornbread cake to the group’s picnic.

Chocolate chip cookies, cornbread cake and a networking opportunities; there are worse ways to spend a summer afternoon. Additional coverage of the Central Park picnic was also featured on NY1.