All things anime on the Omnibus

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Anime Omnibus

Anime Omnibus is a Ning Network for all things anime related. An ongoing series of contests, including a sketching competition, and “Pimp your profile” competition, help drive membership on this anime loving Ning Network and keep members engaged.

Every Ning Network comes with a badges feature that allows members to embed a promotional badge on another website. Anime Omnibus has taken that idea a step further and created their own, custom embeddable badges. By creating their own badge — and providing the embeddable code for it in a text boxAnime Omnibus has given its members a fantastic way to spread the word about what their Ning Network is all about.

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13 thoughts on “All things anime on the Omnibus

  1. ryuga hideki

    Nice.. While im reading this im getting jealous but when im d0ne reading this bl0g im getting exited = =

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