Laura Oppenheimer
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Wired Journalists - A Publish2 network

If you previously stopped by (or joined) Wired Journalists, it may not look familiar if you take a look today. Last month, the Ning Network created by Ning Network Creator Ryan Sholin was purchased by Publish2, a digital media company that’s working to create a newswire for the web. While the same discourse on the news industry, media trends and what it means to be online are still occurring, Wired Journalists now sports a slick new design, tighter membership guidelines and a more focused look at collaborative journalism.

In the re-launched Forum, Wired Journalists does a great job of engaging members with current events. One recent post engaged members with an issue The Washington Post was facing on an emotional story they published: when do you remove comments on a news story? For networking and collaboration, members can join Groups. On a “getting started” note, some of Wired Journalist’s most popular groups are highlighted, including Get Wired, Get Hired, Content Management Systems and Brainstorming.