iPhone automatic redirect back in action

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As we mention on the Ning Status Blog, we just brought the iPhone automatic redirect back into action. Now, when you visit your Ning Network from an iPhone, you’ll automatically see the mobile interface.

For more information about this, check out our blog post here. Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “iPhone automatic redirect back in action

  1. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Phil,

    I’d suggest bookmarking the full version – that way it will always be accessible and you won’t need to scroll down.


  2. Phil Williams

    Hi Laura,

    Any chance you can add a cookie or similar to remember if an iPhone user prefers seeing the mobile version or the full version? At the moment i’m having to scroll to the bottom and click the view full page version every time I want to browse my sites 🙁



  3. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Charles!

    Our engineering team is working on getting the iPhone version of your Ning Network back up and running as I type. Thanks for your patience!


  4. Charles

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method XG_Browser_Iphone::issluggishiphoneaction() in /apps/socialnetworkmain/lib/XG_App.php on line 2251

    tested from safari web browser

  5. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Devin!

    Being able to choose which tabs and features are included in the iPhone version of your Ning Network isn’t an option that’s built in. That said, we’re always looking on ways to improve features and building out our mobile offerings and options is definitely something we’re looking in to.


  6. Alex (MUL)

    How about a Blackberry app??? 🙂

    Also, any word on when we’ll get the ‘mutual friends’ feature on our networks? It’s already showing up on Ning.com, but not on our networks.

    Thank you!

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