Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Zenith Aircraft Builders and Flyers - Build It! Fly It! The Companion Website to the Zenair Newsletter

Zenith Aircrafts are small, personal airplanes that people build from a kit. Building an airplane from scratch is no small feat, so the Zenith Ning Network is a great resource for members to be able share insight and knowledge with each other to ensure everyone has a safe takeoff and landing.

In the Forum, members are learning from each other about how to best construct their aircraft. Mason wonders what to do with a folding wing kit he has, that he doesn’t quite understand the instructions to. Member Andrew replied with his experiences (“I have just finished a 701 with the folding wing option and have had mixed results…”) and offered to get on the phone with Mason to chat through the pros and cons of using this particular wing kit.

Members on the Zenith network are also taking advantage of the new Status feature to post short updates about what they’ve been up to. Status updates stand out in the Latest Activity feed, since they are a different color than standard activity items. Members may want to congratulate Mark whose status update reads, “I flew my airplane for the first time today! 6 years and 8 months finally come to fruition!”