Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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In the last few weeks some people have experienced less than the normal level of responsiveness in the Ning Help Center we pride ourselves on here at Ning. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been upgrading the back-end system we use to run the Ning Help Center and it’s created a bit of a backlog of help tickets.

This new back-end software will ultimately allow us to be an even better partner to you in delivering the awesome advocacy we work hard to deliver to everyone on the Ning Platform. Specifically, it allows us to:

  • Answer your questions from anywhere at anytime from a mobile interface
  • Better search of your prior issues and questions you’ve submitted
  • Smooth and seamlessly integrate with our feature tracking system, so that we make sure that we deliver your ideas, recommendations and bug reports to our product and engineering team even faster

The irony of this transition is while this new back-end will let us serve you better and faster shortly, we have probably another week to return to the speedy responses we are committed to delivering to you, our Network Creators. We appreciate both your patience and help during this transition. We also want to suggest the following which will help us get you what you need as fast as possible:

1. Start by searching the Ning Help Center. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into making our Ning Help Center articles as useful as possible. We have hundreds of articles that cover everything from how to sign up for a Ning Network to point your domain name to your Ning Network with popular registrars. It’s pretty comprehensive and a great place to start.

2. Give us as much detail as possible when you first write in. Understanding your browser, operating system and the specific URL you hit when you ran into a problem allows us to troubleshoot the issue in a single shot. Screenshots are extremely valuable in getting the most out of our team of Advocates who are here to help. Specific details around what you want to do and can’t or a problem that you ran into increase the odds that we can get you back-in-action quickly. All caps, lots of exclamation points and/or no detail turn out to be less helpful or effective in getting your problems solved. Not that we’re totally opposed to them, but detailed information will get you even better results.

3. Sign in to follow a ticket. One of the features we introduced last year was the ability to follow a ticket and the follow up we offer. As you get more information or become increasingly concerned with the issue, you can follow up on that ticket, which has the benefit of allowing us to see everything from you in one place. This concentration of information, when followed, allows us to get you back-in-action or answer your question as efficiently – and therefore as quickly – as possible. Because of this feature, sending multiple tickets for the same issue will actually get in the way of sending help rapidly because we either don’t have all the information or we have multiple people working on the same problem which, in this case, doesn’t actually help anyone.

We appreciate your patience as our dust settles and look forward to getting back to great response times – within a business day – and even more helpful responses when you guys follow the suggestions above.

Have a great weekend!