Status feature coming soon to your Ning Network!

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Update: Status is now live on your Ning Network.

With the Status feature and Ning Apps arriving soon, we’re excited about what’s in store for your Ning Network. In this post, we share some new screenshots of the Status feature and provide some more information about managing Status as a Network Creator. And further down, we talk about how Ning Apps will display alongside the My Apps your members have already added. Here’s the scoop:

Update your status on your Ning Network

In the coming days, we’ll be rolling out the Status feature onto your Ning Network. As we first mentioned here, you and your members will see a Status box at the top of your Profile pages. This is the place to share an exciting announcement or post a link to an upcoming concert. The Status feature empowers you to share your activities with other members on your Ning Network and engage with people around those activities.

Here’s how it will look on your My Page (click the image for a full-size view):


Along with appearing on Profile pages in the Status box, status updates will also display in the Latest Activity feed on the Main Page and on the My Page of the member who posted the update. For a look at how status updates will appear in the Latest Activity on your Main Page, check out this screenshot.

As a Network Creator, you have control over how the Status feature displays in Latest Activity, you can change what the prompt text is (it’s set to “What brings you here?” by default) and you can choose whether Status is enabled on your Ning Network. Keep in mind that it can take up to five minutes for a new Status update to appear in Main Page Latest Activity.

As you and your members start posting your status updates, let us know what you think and what future improvements you’d like to see. We’re already looking into providing more ways to update your status, giving you the ability to import your status from other services, and setting up a way to comment on other people’s status. We’re looking forward to seeing how you’ll use the Status feature on your Ning Network, and we’d love to hear your feedback!

A quick note on how My Apps will display for members

With the launch of Ning Apps just around the corner, we want to shed some light on how they’ll display alongside the My Apps your members have already added.

Today, members can add My Apps — like Wishlist or Rentals — to their Profile pages. When Ning Apps arrive, members who have My Apps enabled on their Profile pages will notice some changes to the way they display. Rather than appearing on Profile pages, My Apps will appear on their own page, which you can visit by clicking the “My Apps” link on the left column of your My Page. My Apps that a member adds and the Profile View for any Ning Apps will appear together on a member’s My Apps page.

Moving My Apps to their own page will free up some real estate on members’ Profile pages and will ensure that members can add a rich set of new features while keeping their My Page speedy.

We’ll have more information soon, including a complete list of Ning Apps available at launch, so stay tuned to the Ning Blog!

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38 thoughts on “Status feature coming soon to your Ning Network!

  1. Chuan Ping

    We must have the function to comment on other status~~~!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE DO FIX THIS ASAP…We desperately need this function to make everything more dynamic!!!

    Thank you !!

  2. Mark

    Would love to have the ability to comment on members status. As someone mentioned this is what face book has got so right. Please please add this soon.


  3. Karen Maskall

    Im getting used to the idea of status a little more now although i havent added it to thelatest activity as it would as others mentioned above clog it all up very quickly.

    However I have noticed that I am not able to post a link on my profile status yet some members have managed to post links. ??? Does my network have a little bug maybe or have I done something that removed the ability to post links into status bar?


    1. Nick Barr Post author

      Hi James,

      It all depends on how those particular customizations were implemented. We’ll be happy to work closely with you on the nitty-gritty details in the Ning Help Center, and we’d love to be able to get your Ning Network equipped with the latest features!


  4. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi James,

    I took a look at your Ning Networks – it looks like you are running on an old version of code, which means you don’t receive new features and updates.

    If you’d like to return to standard code, drop us a note at and we can help you out!


  5. Luzifa Hell

    Copurtenay hat mich hierhin verwiesen. Danke dafür, Courtenay, aufrichtig. Aber!

    Die BuddyPokes und andere interaktive Anwendungen, welche von den USERN auf die EIGENEN Profilseiten gestellt wurden, mussten ausgerechnet den sinnlosen Statusmeldungen weichen?

    Sagt mir einen einzigen vernünftigen (REASONABLE) Grund dafür, einen, den auch meine User einsehen — und vielleicht sogar ich. Denn die Erzählungen meiner User von den Pokes haben neue User angezogen.

    Wir haben eins der wenigen deutschen Netzwerke, die sich aus Freude an Kommunikation zusammengetan haben. Aus Freude daran, etwas gemeinsam zu machen. Dazu gehört die Interaktion via Kommwentarwand, Postfach und Chat. Und ja, auch via BuddyPokes. Die Leute haben Geld für Coins bezahlt und aufwendige als “Gewinnspiel” getarnte Werbeaktionen mitgemacht für diese Coins.

    Mit dem Ergebnis, dass sie nun von allen möglichen Firmen zugespammt werden — und die eigentliche Anwendung so weit im Hintergrund verschwindet, dass es keine Freude mehr macht, sich einzusetzen.

    Das nenne ich einen sauberen Schuss in den Ofen.

  6. Brody Dorland

    Please establish a relationship with Ping has become a very powerful productivity tool for heavy social media users and it would be incredible to be able to plug my Ning sites into Ping and have my status updated on all or chosen sites in one step.

    Me love you long time.

  7. PRSSA


    Now you should integrate the status feature with Facebook and twitter. While you’re at it, make Ning networks fully integrable with both of them (Facebook Connect)

  8. Becca

    My members have already started to use the status updates, which is very cool. But I agree that people should be able to comment and also say if they “like.” Not sure if all the status update bugs are out, but I know when I posted my own, it never posted to the front page.

  9. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Karen!

    “What brings you here” is the default text, but you can easily change this and customize it for your own Ning Network. To update or edit this text, click on Manage and then select the Feature Controls icon. From there, enter your new prompt text and click save.


  10. Pat Howlett

    Really appreciate the work Ning is putting in.

    Agree on the possiblity of the Status Feed flooding the Lastest Activity area and someone “highjacking” this prime real estate.

    I also concur that the Profile Questions need to be moved back to the Top – this is very important to my members.


  11. Karen Maskall

    so far it looks great but how can I change the default text “what brings you here” to something else?

  12. caesarleo

    I’m so excited with this new feature..but i think it will be awesome if we can comment on status update

  13. slacker_23

    Uhhh super lame.

    No Buddy Poke on profiles!?! I know the reason behind it, it’s just kinda sucks. I’m a mod at Bolt and a lot of people are disappointed!

  14. LR Media

    Comments to Status Messages can always be placed on the Comment Wall right? It would just be a matter of placement so that visitors read the update and then see the empty box to provide feedback directly below on the Comment Wall. Am I completely missing the point of needing a separate feedback option that is directly associated with the Status Message option?

  15. Jay

    Hi Laura and Ning team!

    Well i was really excited at this when i first read it, but hold up!!

    No comments on a Members Status??!!

    Ok, so let’s say you Update your Status? Then what? Your waiting for some Interactivity and User Engagement and it just isn’t their…..

    Please release a Completed Version of this, it’s only 50% their without another Member being able to Interact… you know how facebook works, they got it right and are Leading the way… one Member comments then another and another etc…

    Please get the New version out ASAP, i can’t enable a Status feature with a Big Part Missing for User Engagement, otherwise it looks as if we are ‘trying’ but just can’t make the Grade.

    Thats my Honest Opinion on this Issue.

    Regards, Jay

  16. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Chad,

    I wasn’t implying there’s a cool twist we haven’t announced — just that I think the Status feature is looking awesome and I’m excited to see how Ning Network Creators like it!


  17. Chad Neptune


    Reading between the lines it sounds like you guys feel the Status feature will have some kind of cool twist too it we aren’t aware of or you are just stating you think the fact it’s now available is good enough?? Just curious on this – not being rude (promise)! Could this be so? Thanks for the quick reply!



    I have no problem with what Ning brings to the table. I agree with The PL Team, please put the profile questions back on top. Thanks

  19. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Chad, Phil and the Groovy Rat,

    Thanks for commenting here with your suggestions and ideas. We’ve been working on the Status feature for a while, and we’re not planning on releasing it until it’s working the way we want it to. If it isn’t up to snuff, we won’t provide it as an option on your Ning Network.

    That said, I think Status can and will be a great feature for the Ning Networks that choose to enable it. Our product team is always interested in hearing suggestions and feedback.

    Chad, I know that providing the ability to comment on other status updates is certainly on our list of ideas to consider for the next version of Status. If you find that this is a “must have” after seeing how Status is used on your Ning Network, please let us know!

    Overall, we’re really excited to release this feature and we’re looking forward to hearing how Ning Network Creators like it!


  20. Phil Sim

    I remain concerned that latest activity is going to be flooded.

    I’ve already pared back everything in my latest activity list and during peak times it already runs off the page in 15 minutes. Potentially, a few people who are very active with their status update could dominate your latest activity list.

    With no way to show more than 20 latest activities like in Facebook and Twitter, or for the user to decide what activity they see I’m fearful of my best users becoming turned off by the large amount of noise.

    One way to fix this is for users to choose whether they see all updates or just the updates of their friends. Could you imaging trying to use facebook or twitter and not having the option of refining who you see in your feed.

    Ning needs to address this so our networks stay usable as they scale.

  21. The PL Team

    Now will ning be moving this to the bottom of the page because comments are the most popular feature of a page? Cmon ning please move peoples profile questions back to the top, thats where people tell us about themselves, thats how we network!

  22. The Groovy Rat

    Thats awesome news Nick.

    Can you just make sure of one thing, please do not release it until it is 100% working. There is nothing worse than you releasing features and then removing them shortly afterwards to fix bugs.

    Keep up the good work.


  23. ralph

    is that right – no way to comment on other peoples status updates? I’m sure that is much of the appeal for people donig facebook statuses – wanting to see friends reactions and enjoying the following banter.

  24. Jullienne Abellanosa

    WOw. I’m very excited about this new feature. Esp as a twitter-er, this is going to be very cool. :] And the plans for being able to comment on statuses is great! more power, ning!

  25. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Vince!

    The first version of Status won’t have an associated RSS feed, like the one other features on your Ning Network will have. Your Status updates will appear in your My Page latest activity, however, so you can always grab that feed and add it to Twitter or another service. That said, we’re definitely looking to add new features to our “V2” Status feature. Giving new ways for you to share what you are up to on your Ning Network is one we’ll look in to!


  26. FLSN Organization

    Thank you SO MUCH. This is the most amazing and most exciting feature yet and I am looking forward to it!!!!

  27. Brian Fløe

    One big missing feature stands out: we are used to seeing our FRIENDS status updates when we go to a profile page on other networks. This, along side your plan to let us comment on other FRIENDS status updates is what we are missing here.

    Just look at facebook, this is one thing they got right.

  28. Vince Jelenic

    now, if you can flip the status to have an RSS feed out, we could burn it as a feedburner twitterfeed back into Twitter? is this on the table?

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