Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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In July, we introduced the 4-Second Rule as an important secret to success on Ning Networks. According to the 4-Second Rule, if your Main Page is still struggling to load after 4 seconds, you’ve probably lost your chance to win over a new member.

One of the major studies that informed the 4-Second Rule was this one by Akamai in 2006. As ZDNet reports, Akamai just completed a 2009 follow-up to their original study. The results? These days people will only wait about 2 seconds for a page to load before giving up on it. In other words, the 4-Second Rule has been cut in half. As a Network Creator, what does this mean for your Ning Network?

For one thing, it’s clear that people have higher expectations than ever when it comes to speedy load times. In part, that’s due to people having better Internet connections, and you can actually use Google Analytics to break down the connection speeds of all visitors to your Ning Network. But no matter what your visitor’s internet connection is, you can make some basic improvements to your Main Page that will make it speedier and more focused.

Limiting the number of embedded widgets and choosing the right display options will speed up your Ning Network’s load time, which will help encourage growth. Check out our article here in the Ning Help Center for more best practices, and good luck beating the clock!