Tonight’s release is live!

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Tonight’s release, which we talk about in detail here, is now live on your Ning Network! Here’s what’s in it:

  1. An updated design of the Members and Friends pages so that more people show up even faster.
  2. The retiring of the “Invite All Friends” feature.

You can read about this release in full here. In the coming days, we’ll re-enable the automatic iPhone redirect (which we talk about here), and we’ll post here and on the Ning Status Blog when it’s back in action. Please let us know if you have any questions in the Ning Help Center!

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9 thoughts on “Tonight’s release is live!

  1. Renegade

    NING .COM JUST KILLED MY SITE !!!!!!!!i agree with vamp-king . i open my own site here on ning . but now its dead in the water do to all the time i put in to meet and greet new people here on ning . and when i went to invite them over the invite all friends tab is gone ???wtf!! why didn’t ning send out a comment to us about this ?now how do we invite our friends over to our sites . ning you did the deed now tell us how are we going to send out a invite to our site ?I JUST GOT BANNED FROM A SITE I LOVE FOR ASKING A FRIEND THERE TO CHECK OUT MY SITE . THE OWNER SEEN THE COMMENT AND BANNED ME . now ning its your time to step up to the plate here and tell us what to do about our invites ? are you looking for money ? so we can advertise our site in or just playing with us all . where can i find more info about this subject . what can we do . or how do we invite our friends we have build up that took so long and time to do. and just take it away from us with out even telling us what going on at ning . i just dont get it HOW CAN A SITE SURVIVE NOW ON NING ….????????


    Retiring the “Invite All Friends” that’s great for all the big sites out there .who wish not to lose there members to other sites . but what about us little guys here on ning,com . you forgotten us all ready ? how are we to survive here on ning .as you know most site will not let you display your site banners on your page on there site . and know one will just give out there email address . how do we get others to come to our sites with out using the invite all friends ?i work dam hard to make my site . and the hours i put in to it now it will just fade away with the rest of us little people on ning who don’t have the funds to advertise there sites . its a shame that we have to find a new way to get people over to our sites . i do not spam or use the invite that much . i dont go to tweeter ,my space ,face book and all the others . that’s why i use ning . but it shore looks like i have too now to survive here on ning . i know ning trying to help make a better place for us all . but stepping on us little people not the way to do it . you should know its us little people who run the most sites here on ning with out us you big site will have nothing …so what can we do to bring in people to our sites now any tips .sign a little person voice


    Great news!

    Would really love the sort by “who’s online”, like “The Groovy Rat” has written in the reply above.

    Beside that, thumbs up Nick!

  4. Alex (MUL)

    Additionally, we hope you will continue down the path of eliminating cross-network promotion. This has been an ongoing concern for myself and other network creators who use the Ning platform. Thank you!

  5. Alex (MUL)

    Removing the invite “All Friends” is a Godsend! Now we just need better sorting on the member list. A “Who’s Online?” would be awesome. Not many people are using the chat since it was changed.

    Thank you, Ning!

  6. Pankaj

    thanks for clarification.. one small suggestion.. can you profile (in this blog) any big network who are using the just released apps … want to see how well is it being used over there

  7. The Groovy Rat

    Excellent improvements Nick. Now all we need is the ability to sort by ‘who’s online’.


  8. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Pankaj!

    When we redesigned this page several months ago, we made it so only a small number of members were visible without scrolling (particularly for members with small screens or monitors). Post release, we heard feedback that Network Creators missed being able to see a bigger number of member avatars. With last night’s update, we remedy this by making it possible for you to see more members without scrolling.


  9. Pankaj

    Retiring the “Invite All Friends” is a perfect step. however could you throw some light on what prompted you to change the design of member’s page… i understand that every change settles with time but how is it going to help us, i.e. upload the member page faster or what ?

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