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Nick Barr
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10/2 update: We’ve made an update to how email verification works for people who are already members of a Ning Network. When you sign in to a Ning Network that you’re already a member of, you won’t need to verify your email address. But if you’re already a member of one Ning Network and you join a new one, you’ll be prompted to verify your email when you sign up. Email verification will continue to be a one-time-only step.


1:30pm PDT update: We’ve pushed out a patch release and email verification should now be working. Please drop us a note in the Ning Help Center if you see any issues or need assistance.

9:50am PDT update: Our engineers have isolated what’s causing the verification issues many Ning Network Creators and members have been seeing. We’ll be releasing a fix shortly across the Ning Platform.

8:30am PDT update: We appreciate the reports that the email link is not working for some members and Network Creators. It’s an issue of some email clients truncating the URL for verification and we’re working on a fix right now. In the meantime, we are looking to turn off email verification for your existing members so that they can sign in. We’ll have another update in 1 hour. Thanks for your patience and we’ll have another update soon.

We’re pleased to announce that tonight’s release, which we talk about in detail here, is now live. This release consists of two projects built to prevent spam on your Ning Network:

  • New members on a Ning Network will now verify their email addresses when they sign up. Additionally, all members will need to verify their email address once if they join a new Ning Network.
  • New members will see a better CAPTCHA system when they sign up. The CAPTCHA is the code of numbers and letters that people fill in to confirm that they’re real people on the sign up page.

Check out our post here for more details on this release, and let us know in the Ning Help Center if you have any questions. Thanks!