Tonight’s release is live!

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10/2 update: We’ve made an update to how email verification works for people who are already members of a Ning Network. When you sign in to a Ning Network that you’re already a member of, you won’t need to verify your email address. But if you’re already a member of one Ning Network and you join a new one, you’ll be prompted to verify your email when you sign up. Email verification will continue to be a one-time-only step.


1:30pm PDT update: We’ve pushed out a patch release and email verification should now be working. Please drop us a note in the Ning Help Center if you see any issues or need assistance.

9:50am PDT update: Our engineers have isolated what’s causing the verification issues many Ning Network Creators and members have been seeing. We’ll be releasing a fix shortly across the Ning Platform.

8:30am PDT update: We appreciate the reports that the email link is not working for some members and Network Creators. It’s an issue of some email clients truncating the URL for verification and we’re working on a fix right now. In the meantime, we are looking to turn off email verification for your existing members so that they can sign in. We’ll have another update in 1 hour. Thanks for your patience and we’ll have another update soon.

We’re pleased to announce that tonight’s release, which we talk about in detail here, is now live. This release consists of two projects built to prevent spam on your Ning Network:

  • New members on a Ning Network will now verify their email addresses when they sign up. Additionally, all members will need to verify their email address once if they join a new Ning Network.
  • New members will see a better CAPTCHA system when they sign up. The CAPTCHA is the code of numbers and letters that people fill in to confirm that they’re real people on the sign up page.

Check out our post here for more details on this release, and let us know in the Ning Help Center if you have any questions. Thanks!

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42 thoughts on “Tonight’s release is live!

  1. Marilyn

    We have complaints coming in that the two step process is difficult and time consuming from a hand held device. It looks like this will slow the growth of our network because people may not sign on for a “trial run” if it is seen as too difficult. Then there is the issue of joining by text messaging which does not seem to be taken into account. Technology is evolving — I hope Ning can too.

  2. Ron Schepers

    This release has made life a lot more difficult for me. I sign up people to our Ning bridal network at wedding expos which has been successful for building up our membership. In the past the process took a quick minute to sign up and people moved on to the next site. Now, with email verification, the time taken to sign up has dramatically increased, and most people don’t have time to sit and verify their email address. Furthermore, 40% of people DON’T complete the verification process!

    I can understand the increased need for spamm protection, but what I don’t like is the fact that a process like signing up can be changed by Ning without giving network administrators any power to choose the new features – ie, no on/off switch! This is not a critical security update or core system update, rather its an added feature for improved protection. I would like to be given the choice to implement this or not. I don’t have any SPAMM issues on my network.

    This change has meant that the network can no longer sign up people quickly and easily and I am having to look at other options. I have to say I feel disempowered and annoyed by having this imposed on me. Please Ning, put a switch on!

  3. DonCesarBlogs a.k.a Cholito

    Good , thanks for this update is awesome.. I have a question regarding how ours users can protect their pictures?? I think that it should have a watermark,everytime that you upload a new picture it comes watermarked by default or when you right click and click save, you save a gift not the picture like in Hi5, a lot of my users are very angry about some people stealing the pics and registering new accounts with them.

    Another point is when you delete a user from your network, the user can open another account in your same network… That’s sucks, the other day there was someone spamming and flooding the page and i delete it from my network and he register like 25 times and i deleted those 25 times, i was really mad tired.

    When we will be having solve the issue about having some moderators for the chat ?? I want to have the option to put a moderator in the chat without be Administrator of my whole network… Flooding or repeating ban option, bad words, thigns like that, i think you should have this option available like normal user or for the premium users, if i have to pay to get this i will do it, i was lookiing for another chat but the thing is that any other chat will give me the option to see the member profile…

  4. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Michael!

    The CAPTHCA — which is what it sounds like your member isn’t seeing — is different than the verification email. If she isn’t seeing it, your guess is a good one: some aspect of Ning may be blocked by her IT department. I would suggest that she try from a computer on a different internet connection.


  5. Michael Palko

    I have a new member that doesn’t see the verification words on the right side of the page, even after refreshing. Is this related to the earlier issues with e-mail verification?
    She thought that her IT policy might be blocking the Ning site, but my guess is that she wouldn’t even get as far as she does it that were the case.


  6. Alex (MUL)

    Is this going to be the final version of e-mail verification? I still think the verification for new members can be streamlined. This seems to be hurting our sign ups.

  7. Woody13

    Members still having issues, I’ve tried to screw it up myself and it has not taken me to the Reverify box… have sent emails to all with Help link. Had to set my site to Public; dont like that !

  8. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Scott!

    On Friday we made a change so that current members should no longer need to verify their email addresses when they sign in. If your member is still having an issue, we can help him out through


  9. Scott King

    Glad you turned it off- but how do we help those members who can’t get back? One has given up trying and he was an active member.

  10. Victor Ramayrat

    Hello Nick,

    By any chance do you know the development pipeline for the Events feature?

    One feature that I think would be powerful is to allow users to submit events to multiple social network that they belong to. This way, a user could post once, and it just populates to the many niche social network he/she is a member. This could be placed potentially after the user has submitted the event and is ask to invite his/her friends to the events. Why not ask the user if he/she would like to post the event to other networks the user is a member.

    Just my thoughts as we are now experiencing heavy use of the Events feature…


    Victor Ramayrat

  11. Manny Hernandez

    I just reported a case (#00070144) of someone who can’t validate her account as of 9:10 pm PT.

  12. Manny Hernandez

    Thanks Laura. It was one of our EsTuDiabetes members. I will keep you guys posted, if it turns out to be an actual issue.

  13. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Jay,

    All new (and existing members) should now have working email verification. If you believe you should have seen a verification email but didn’t, is it possible you previously verified your email address at

    If not — and you believe something still isn’t working as expected, please drop us a note in the Ning Help Center and we’ll take a look.


  14. Jay

    Hi Laura!

    Is the verification email to existing Members working yet?

    As i am signing in and out as a Member and still not seeing a Message saying that i have to Verify my email?

    Thanks, Jay

  15. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Manny!

    I just tested out sign-up with a Hotmail email address and it worked without an issue. Are you seeing this yourself on your own Ning Network? If so, please drop us a note at and we can check it out.


  16. bezaubernde_gini_78


    Thus I am normally already patient humans and I am also niemdn only weighted.

    but it annoys me now already which I not up mean ” account with…; Pirates OF the Lycosian” …. to access can. As soon as I on the left in the confirmation mail click comes on the Internet side of Pirates OF the Lycosian I either on the side of far led where new members to register to be able or I get themselves the following message.

    **** ” This email address cannot be examined unfortunately. *** *
    The left to the email examination, on which you clicked, unfortunately ran off. Click here, around a further email actually too senden.*

    I would know nevertheless now gladly times as long the thing to still last am.


  17. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Phil,

    A verification email will only be sent if you try to sign in. Once you enter your email address and password, it will be sent to your email on file, and you’ll be able to go through the verification process.


  18. Phil Williams


    I also have a member account on my network and I haven’t received an email asking me to verify my email address?

    Have these all gone out? When should I receive it? Will it be triggered by me signing out and back in? Or some other method?

    Not sure there have been enough details around how it will work for each scenario so any extra info you can give would be great.



  19. Rose

    Still unable to access paganspace. Email verification keeps saying the link is expired. I keep running around in circles. The tutorial link isn’t working. HElP!!!

  20. Jay

    Hi Gina!

    What i meant was that Even members that have signed out and signed back in again haven’t had any email verification prompts.

    I have tested this with my own Member account on my own Network, not as an NC.

    I’ve double checked this by asking some friends that are existing members to sign in to my network and they haven’t had any email prompts.

    All in all, when this is up and running properly then it will be great… Spammers have been a big headache to me across all my networks.

    Thanks also for sharing your Business Module… I understand that fully… I’m pleased to hear that you balance giving NC’s the Flexibility etc… because although we create the networks using the Ning Platform ( Which is great!) we do also bring in the New Members to create Ning ID’s, through hard work and expensive advertising, some people like myself pay for additional services and those that don’t pay premium still have the Ning Google Ad’s to generate Income for Ning Through clicks from our members…

    So i hope the trend in future remains that The NC’s are just as Important as Ning itself and the ‘flexibility’ is always given the upmost attention.

    Looking forward to the new Email system Working as soon as poss!

    keep up the good work!



  21. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Jay,

    We are working as a type on making sure that all verification emails go out and work properly. I definitely understand your frustration here.

    In terms of your members needing to contact Ning if they have an issue signing in — this isn’t a new situation. For password resets and account access issues, Ning members have always needed to go through the Ning Help Center to get help signing back in. Once we fix the verification process this A.M., however,, your members should see fewer issues and the end result will be a membership who are signed in using real and up-to-date email addresses.


  22. Jim Chiodo

    As of noon (EST), it’s stil not working and I’ve been trying since last night. Between “problems verfyinging you email address” not getting the email verification, resending, the actually getting the Captcha and finally starting all over with “problem verification not working. Suggested next activity, “bang head on wall and repeat all of the above then repeat as necessary untill you give up”

    And they said, “the problem was fixed” except for a few on AOL????? I don’t use AOL and getting frustrated going around in circles.

  23. Jay

    Hi Ning team1

    Well none of my members have had to verify their email addresses up to yet?

    because i have a Member account on my network and theirs no Verification prompt for existing members?

    Also can i ask why People would be directed off to the Ning Help Centre when we have paid to remove any Links to Ning in our premium Services?

    because that help centre page has a Link to your Home Page on which prompts people to Create their Own Social network…

    I Have paid to remove any Links to Ning… Can someone Please explain?

    Thanks, Jay

  24. Alex (MUL)

    I agree that NC’s should have the ability to change a member’s e-mail address. This way if a member leaves a job or can no longer receive e-mail at that e-mail address, we can change it and send out a “reset password” or “e-mail verification” to the new e-mail address so they can login.

    Additionally, this would eliminate the need for members to contact the Ning Help Center directly.

  25. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi all,

    Thanks for letting us know that you are seeing issues with email verification and getting signed in to your Ning Network. Obviously, preventing existing members from being able to sign in is not the end goal here — it’s making sure members on your Ning Networks are using real, current emails to sign up. Our engineers are working on resolving this issue — some email clients are truncating the verification URLs we send out in the email— and we’re looking in to turning off email verification for existing members while we put a fix in place (see update, above).

    Thanks again!

  26. Tanya145

    I still haven’t got an email verification yet, I have even check my spam folder and I tried sending it to myself ten times. I don’t know what the problem is. I read the updates above and it says AOl users are having trouble. IS hotmail email address part of that problem too?

  27. bezaubernde_gini_78

    Hello I wanted to let also straight my email address examine like it am required. I am not a new member Unfortunately does not function whole also whom I new mail be sent can. Please examines nevertheless times thereby I again to register can.

  28. Samuel

    This is nice, but I can see a problem with existing member,
    For example if a user have a e-mail misspelled, when a e-mail is send to that email the member will never get the email and will never be able to sign in. I would like to see a way that an administrator could get into the user profile and fix the email for them so they can sign in., or give them a chance to log in at least one time to fix the email address.

  29. Martin Kelley

    Yea, this makes me so happy! And I’m fine with confirming existing members too. I’ve been weeding through carefully since spam profiles got out of control about two months ago, but I know I have some fakes in there.

  30. Chazz

    To be honest, I don’t like the New release at all. It should be up to the Network Creator to decide whether they want the Email Address Verification System on their network or not. I am in favor of getting rid of spam and spammers, but I haven’t encountered a lot of that here. Very Few Times At Most. Simply blocking all Messages From a spammer puts an end to them rather quickly and quite effectively as well. We should be allowed to decide for ourselves whether we want Email Verification or not on the network(s) we have created. I say keep the Capchas because they stop bots, and give the networks creators the power to decide for themselves about the Verification of Email address being made mandatory.

  31. JD Carr

    I’m being inundated by members not being able to verify their email accounts. When they click the link sent to their email addresses it’s telling them the link has expired. Please fix this ASAP.


  32. Global Sources

    Many (20%) of our trusted and active member do not receive the “confirm your e-mailaddress” mail. Not even after new request. It a huge problem.

    Thanks – kenneth

  33. Aimeslee Winans

    I have tried several times to verify my email and it’s got me in a vicious circle. I get the emails to verify, but you never can verify my email. I keep getting the web page that says you can’t. Help!

  34. Wendy Bryan

    It won’t let me verify my email address – says it doesn’t recognise my address. Do I need to Sign up to my own site again? I am the owner of the site.


    This is nice but i think it should be for new members only…
    I gave it a try and it didn’t send the Verifying email first, i had to resend it..
    and the email was send to spams… that the one place that most of people don’t check and other don’t have the time to read Help instructions…

    This is Good but make sure the Verifying email goes to the INBOX and only for NEW MEMBERS….. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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