Tonight’s release is live!

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We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release, which rolls out the Status feature to your Ning Network, is now live. As we talk about here, the Status feature empowers you to share your activities with other members on your Ning Network and engage with people around those activities.

Here’s how it will look on your My Page (click the image for a full-size view):


Along with appearing on Profile pages in the Status box, status updates will also display in the Latest Activity feed on the Main Page and on the My Page of the member who posted the update.

As a Network Creator, you have control over how the Status feature displays in Latest Activity, what the prompt text is (set to “What brings you here?” by default) and even whether Status is enabled on your Ning Network at all. To learn more about managing the Status feature on your Ning Network, check out our article here in the Ning Help Center.

For more information about the Status feature, check out our blog post here. We’d love to answer any other questions you have about using Status in the Ning Help Center!

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41 thoughts on “Tonight’s release is live!

  1. Kate Lennon

    It’s been 6 weeks since this feature was added, and to date TWO people have used it on our Social Network. And that was a few days after it was added, after we’d emailed all our members to let them know about it.
    As I said in my previous post, this feature is useless without the ability to respond to messages posted.
    Are there any plans to allow responses?
    It could (and should) have been done by now.

    1. Gina Bianchini


      I totally appreciate where you are coming from. Even though there are many places on your Ning Network for people to have a conversation and respond to messages, the fact that you expect it on the status messages and it’s not there is frustrating. If we could put this out tomorrow, we would but it’s one of those annoying situations for us here at Ning where what seems easy isn’t actually easy to launch at the scale that we support. We’re looking at ways to improve this feature in the short-term but our complete overhaul and implementation of comments in the status feed will come in the first three months of next year.

      That’s not the answer you’re looking for, but I want to directly address your frustration with how we’re prioritizing this and why this won’t be out soon.


  2. SilverFoxDanceClub.Com

    the chat bar at the bottom needs to be of a brighter colour . also when a person respond in the chat box it should appear like it do on facebook , a little noticable icon .

    u have to remember we are competing wid face book.


    Definitely like the status feature but would really love it if you could update your status from the iPhone version of my network.

    Is that coming?

  4. admin

    Ning developers should take a look at Ning should massively benefit from adding the features on this site on Ning platform.

    Ning will then be known as a place where you can: Create a New Social Network and or Micro Blogging Network.

    Imagine the volume of new networks that this will generate for Ning.

  5. admin

    I note that ‘Latest Activity’ and ‘Comment Wall’ now takes up a lot of space on members’ profiles and ‘Profile Information’ has been pushed right down to the bottom of the page requiring a long scroll down the page.

    I suggest you include the following tabs on the top of member profiles – Latest Activity (default), Comment Wall, Profile Information, Photos, Blog Posts, Friends, Discussions, and Events & Videos.
    This should make it easier to navigate members’ pages without the need for a long scroll down.

  6. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi JeN!

    Thanks for alerting us to this. We’ve seen a few other reports of Admin/NC Status updates not appearing on the Main Page and we’ve asked our developers to look in to this. We should be able to push out a fix for it shortly!

    All the best,

  7. Harriet's Alter Ego

    Can we update our Ning Status on the mobile version? Would be great to update my status from my iPhone

  8. kgrucci

    Great job on adding the status. I agree with the need for the status comment feature. Also, please keep the mobile version (/m) up to speed with these changes as I use that alot (similar to the way that the moblle facebook app is very useful). Allow us to update and comment on statuses from the mobile page. Having a dedicated status tab/page on the mobile app would be great to be able to quickly check what’s going on.

    Also, as a future consideration, as networks grow, would it make sense to allow members to configure things such that they only see the statuses and activity from their friends v.s. that from the entire network?

  9. Central Coast Today

    Is there a way to display all of the recent status activity on the home page, or some other page of the site? It would be nice to see all status updates in one place, and not have to go to each member’s page to see if they have updated it. I suppose I could change recent activity to just show status, but then I lose out on everything else, so that’s not going to work.

    Also, the ability to comment would be great!!


  10. Josué Lafolle

    i think that the capacity of 140 must be flexible depending on the network creator or admin. this mean that admin got the right to change the capacity of all the network


    Cool, I love it.. Just a few points, as mentioned already, members should be able to comment on status updates. Secondly, can the status updates be given more then thirty letters, say 100.. other then that good work.

  12. Out of the Box Brands, LLC

    Really like the new feature but totally agree that members should be able to comment on Status. It seems to be a glaring ommission. Hopefully this is something that could be added in short order.



  13. admin

    I also agree with Ralph above.

    The most important additional feature that everyone is asking for is the ability for other members to be able to post responses to messages posted by way of threaded replies similar to Forum.
    This will massively increase banter and communication on ning websites.

    Members on my site Hostatourist having already started using the Status Update after I sent out a newsletter yesterday.
    For example a member in Vancouver, Canada recently posted the following update “I just drop off my daughter to school, and today is a very bad weather it’s raining”.

    I would have liked to be able to post a reply “Unlucky you, it is sunny in London, England”.

    This would encourage members to log on all the time.

  14. admin

    “Status Update should be given a dedicated page and should appear as a top level tab. Just like Forum, it should store all the status updates made by members and be searchable.”

    Like existing top level tabs – Forum, Blogs, Events etc. website administrators will have the option to decide whether or not they want ‘Status Update’. Like existing features administrators will have the option to drag and drop it into their ning website.

  15. Charles

    i forgot 1 key thing:
    1) status should be better EYE-STRUCTURED (it’s important to keep the date at the same place) + add hour/minutes. Don’t keep it naked such as Aug 12 (Aug 12 at 6:37pm -> which is a standard).

    2) don’t put all data on 1 line (that’s the lazy way). Split data on 2 lines such as

    Line 1: date + name
    Line 2: status message … blablabla

    Just make it properly. Those are details but i’m detail-oriented 🙂

  16. Robert

    I could complain about what features should be added .. but I must say BRAVO to Ning for finally releasing this great much needed and anticipated feature … I am sure Ning understands they can never please everyone… Thank you again …for all your hard work

  17. LiveforLondon

    This is great Ning team!

    But please, please work on a comment of the status in the Latest activity when it appears, this will over empower user engagement, just a small text of a drop down comment section attached to the status is all thats needed, it doesn’t matter the the comments and status work their way down the list on the Latest Activity on the main page, because theirs always another on the way!!

    This will do the job wonderful!!

    can you make this the next update to a feature to release?

    it really is needed badly.

    Thanks, Jeff

  18. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for your feedback and ideas for future enhancements. We’re definitely keeping our product team informed about what types of iterations and improvements Ning Network Creators are looking for.

    In terms of a limit: Status counts as part of My Page Latest Activity. If your member has chosen to display four items, and their last four activity items are all Status updates, then four updates will appear. That said, if you’ve chosen to display four items and you post to Status, you’ll see five total items until you refresh your profile page. Then it will go back down to four total activity items 🙂


  19. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    “Status Update should be given a dedicated page and should appear as a top level tab. Just like Forum, it should store all the status updates made by members and be searchable.”

    I do not agree. Our little twitteer is great as it is.

  20. ralph

    “Hmm…. To be honest it’s a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping it would be more like Facebook, whereby other members would be able to post responses to messages posted. Without a “post reply” option it’s pretty lame.”


    sorry, but I think without allowing replies, ning have sort of missed the point. Status updates need to instant – or a lot quicker than 5 minutes!, and then initiate conversation and banter by way of threaded replies. Without this the feature falls a little flat.

  21. Charles

    @ Jay …. a delay of about five minutes before a new Status update appears on main page.

    If this is true, it’s a mess. please fix it.

  22. Renate Boss

    It keeps our members more connected and makes online communication very interesting.

    Members are saying huge thanks to NING !

  23. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Jay!

    By default, your Status updates should appear in Latest Activity (i.e. the option on Settings -> Privacy will be checked without your members needing to do this themselves). Keep in mind, however, that especially on the Main Page, there can be a delay of about five minutes before a new Status update appears in the feed.

    If you are still seeing issues with this and believe that this feature is off by default on your Ning Network, let us know through the Ning Help Center and we can take a look!


  24. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Caledobook and LiveforLondon!

    With how Status works right now, it will post immediately to your My Page Activity Feed and in the Status box, but can take a little longer (about five minutes) to appear on the Main Page Activity Feed.

    If you are seeing something different, like your updates not appearing at all on the Main Page after you’ve turned enabled this feature on the Settings page, please drop us a note in the the Ning Help Center and we’ll take a look!


  25. Josué Lafolle

    i think that it will be better with a comment link just near the clear link, that brings the user directly to the comment box on the profile.
    And finally, a little more option in the manage section, that enable admin and network creator to filter the words and link thats not good for our network.

    I think that for the chat as well you must include a word filter and a link filter, that we admin and network creator which link and words to ban.


  26. Caledobook

    Hi, status updates for admins does not appears on latest activity on the main page, it appears only for members!

  27. Jay

    Good Stuff!!!

    Can you please put the Status Feature as ‘Allowed’ by default on members Profiles so as it shows up in the Latest Activity?

    At present members have to go to their Privacy settings to ‘Check’ the box to allow it to be on the Latest Activity as it is ‘Unchecked’ by Default!

    i’ve already had 2 emails from Members asking why their Status doesn’t show up, then i checked the settings on my profile and i see we all have to Individually enable it…

    I don’t want to spend hours replying to people or sending out a Message to new members telling them that nobody can see their Status in the Latest Activity unless they ‘Check’ the Box!

    Thanks for your Help!


  28. Emanuel Hallklint

    Nice! 🙂
    We have ben waiting for that one!

    Next: Pleace develop a feature that allow us to leave comments on status updates!

  29. Kate Lennon

    Hmm…. To be honest it’s a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping it would be more like Facebook, whereby other members would be able to post responses to messages posted. Without a “post reply” option it’s pretty lame. Our main problem is getting our members to talk to each other. I can’t really see this helping. The thing that’s really missing from Ning is the Facebook/Twitter option of being able to post updates directly onto the main page (NOT the “MyPage” page), with an option for other members to respond.

  30. LiveforLondon

    Hi Ning Team!

    The New Status feature is great!

    I’ve noticed though that the Latest Activity on the main page takes up to 10 mins for The Update to appear, aswell as other updates, like comments or new content?

    Also i’ve noticed the the Themes on members profiles all have Black Icons and i’ve tested it on ‘My Page’ appearance and it won’t change the Icons colours, maybe the Status updates release has caused a little Bug?

    Pleas let me knw and good news on the release!

    Thanks, Jeff

  31. The Groovy Rat


    This is a great addition to our sites, the ability to comment on the updates would now be welcome (and sooner rather than later).

    Thanks for all of the hard work! Now lets have the Apps!


  32. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Gentle Rains,

    Thanks for your comment. We’re identified the issue that causes disabling Status not to save and will be pushing out a fix as soon as we can. By early tomorrow, you’ll be able to disable this feature without an issue.

    Thank you!

  33. Gentle Rains

    To disable it, I went according to the directions you give but it doesn’t save that way. If you go back into manage, it’s still clicked off.

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