Laura Oppenheimer
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Garage of Evil!! - A Community of Halloween Prop Builders

Halloween is about different things to different people. Some of us look for amazing costumes, or scope out the most delicious (and king-sized) candy. For the members of Garage of Evil, Halloween is about one thing, and one thing only: spooky, scary and expertly made haunted houses. The self-proclaimed “home haunt how-to network” is full of activity, as members gear up for Oct. 31.

It’s not too late to get started, even though Halloween is only week away. Look to the Prop Pics and Pop Vids sections for inspiration. Members — called Haunters, on this Ning Network — are supportive of each members haunted house. After Lurkerz added this photo of a ghoul (and a gourd) from his set-up, seven members commented on his image. “This guy is pretty sweet,” wrote Kevin. “The worms are a nice touch.”