Laura Oppenheimer
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Mywesttexas Chatter

My West Texas is the online presence of the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a newspaper based in Midland, TX. It doesn’t matter if the stories read are political, sports-related or op-eds; when readers have something to say, they turn to My West Texas Chatter, a Ning Network for discussing all things West Texas related.

Politics are a hot topic in the blog posts of My West Texas members. One recent post, “Glenn Beck: Bad for the conservative movement?” drew comments from members both liberal and conservative. One commenter replied, “Bad for the conservative movement? How ’bout bad for the human movement.” To which another member replied “when the liberals resort to name calling and snide remarks you know their target is being effective.” With 54 percent of the state voting for Obama in 2008, but most other elected offices being held by Republicans, it’s not surprising that talking about politics gets these members fired up.