Laura Oppenheimer
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New Boyz - Skinny Jeans & A Mic In Stores Now!

There’s a new face for California hip hop — two new faces actually. The New Boyz is a teenage duo whose jerkin style has taken L.A. and the music charts by storm. If you haven’t heard any of the track from their new album, Skinny Jeans & A Mic yet, you can check out some of the tracks on an embedded music player on the Main Page.

Not surprisingly, not everyone knows what the jerkin’ movement is all about. So, The New Boyz have posted a forum discussion asking just that: “What is the jerkin’ movement?” Answers cover everything from the need for sweet kicks and skinny jeans to what dance moves are part of the movement. Member Miz_Jerk_Swag thinks it’s something bigger: “Jerkin’ is not only a form of dance, but a way of life!”