Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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RipStik RipCity

A RipStick isn’t quite a skateboard, a pair of skates, or a bike — it’s an entirely new way to get around. Dedicated RipStikers can connect with other in RipCity, a the official Ning Network for those who would rather RipStik to get around, than use any other method.

For those who don’t quite understand the idea of RipStiking (or how to actually get the twisting action down), there’s more than 150 videos of people rocking out on their RipStiks. Once people have mastered the basics of RipStiking, they can get more adventurous, like in this video with a modified RipStik. Members are enthusiastic about commenting when they see something they like. Eric Peterson, who uploaded the video, promises that he’s doing his best to bring the RipStik with cables added on to the market.

In addition to Photos and Videos, RipCity has specially scheduled Chat sessions with pro RipStikers. The most recent one — last weekend — was with Team RipStik Pro Brian Dinnendahl. To add an extra level of fun, RipCity gives away a RipStik to one member who participates in each Chat session.