Starting Friday: Export a guestlist for your event

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In addition to the updates to the profile page layout, starting Friday, Event Creators on Ning Networks will be able to export a list of attendees as a CSV file on your computer. This allows you to create a guest list, print it out and bring it to your physical event. We’ve heard from many of you that this ability would make it easier to turn the events you create on your Ning Network into offline successes, so we’re glad to introduce it!

To export the list of attendees, first go to the event you’ve created. You’ll see a button in the Event Details section that says “Export List of Attendees (.csv)”:


Click this link to download a CSV file to your hard drive — this works a lot like the “Export All Member Data” option that Network Creators have today. You can open up your CSV file to see 2 columns: Member Name and My Page URL.

We’re looking to make more improvements to the Events feature, including recurring events, soon. Stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “Starting Friday: Export a guestlist for your event

  1. w mckeown

    I want to export all my events to a .csv Something like event, dates, location, description etc. I want to be able to print a hardcopy of all events for the computer chalenged users. Any way to do it?

  2. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Alex,

    When you export your member data as a CSV, it automatically includes profile questions in the file you’ll generate. You can edit from there!

  3. Alex (MUL)

    Looks good, but it would be nice to be able to export other profile question fields as part of the csv file and then we can simply remove what we don’t need. Just an idea.

  4. Jens Mügge

    Hi Nick,

    that’s a great feature. One point: is it possible that the event calender need only one required field – the description for an event – and that the first line could become the title of an event. I have a musicians network and if they used the event calendar they need too much time for 3 required entries to add an event or their schedule for a complete year to my network.


  5. Sanjiv

    When will ning integrate groups and events – events on many occasions are related to groups. Most social network platforms have this functionality

  6. Brian Fløe

    people want to subscribe to the network calendar (ical export) and not just subscribe to the event.

  7. Alex (MUL)

    This is somewhat useless since members do not usually supply their full names and there is not a field for first/last name in the required questions.

  8. Manny Hernandez

    What information will be contained in the exported CSV file? Will it contain emails?

    1. Nick Barr Post author

      Hi Manny,

      Event Creators who aren’t Network Creators will see 2 columns — Member Name and My Page URL.
      Event Creators who are Network Creators or Admins will see 3 columns — Member Name, My Page URL, and email address.

      Thanks for the question! Hope that helps.

  9. eCoronado

    This is great. Also, to hear that ‘recurring events’ is close is music to my ears. I can’t tell you how helpful that will be. Go NING Go! Hopefully it’s really close!

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