Laura Oppenheimer
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Raw Fu - 100 Day Raw Food Challenge

The Raw Fu 100 Day Raw Food Challenge started on Aug. 10 and goes through Nov. 18. Almost two months in to the project, Raw Fu members are providing each other encouragement and motivation to complete the challenge until its end.

If you can’t cook your food, eating things like chips and bread becomes increasingly difficult. On the Forum, Kimberly is looking for help finding recipes for these two dishes. Member Debra quickly replied with links for two recipes to help Kimberly out. On top of that, another member replied and suggested a sun-dried tomato cashew spread to put on top of the chips. Though the raw life style isn’t for everyone, the supportive community on Raw Fu is helping each member of the challenge stick with it for all 100 days and make it to Nov. 18, healthy, happy and entirely un-cooked.