Announcing our Worldwide Ning Appathon Competition

Announcing our Worldwide Ning Appathon Competition
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Let the games begin! At last night’s Ning Appathon kickoff event at the Ning offices in Palo Alto, we started a week-long worldwide app development competition for the recently launched Ning Apps platform.

WHAT: The Ning Appathon is a week-long OpenSocial development competition with prizes for both original and ported applications. Judges include Ning Chairman and Co-founder Marc Andreessen, Wired Editor-in-chief and DIY Drones Network Creator Chris Anderson, and blogger and Managing Director of building43 Robert Scoble.

WHERE: The competition is open to participants worldwide. Visit the Ning Developer Network for details and Ning Apps documentation.

WHEN: The competition began at our kickoff event on November 5th. All entries must be submitted via by 10 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, November 12th.

PRIZES: The Grand Prize for Best Original App is $5,000 (US). The Grand Prize for Best Ported App is $4,000 (US). Two Original App and Ported App finalists (four total) will each receive $500 (US). All six winners will also receive prominent editorial placement in the Ning Apps directory.

Please visit the Ning Developer Network for more information. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Announcing our Worldwide Ning Appathon Competition

  1. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Marianne!

    It sounds like some of what you are looking to do is possible with some CSS and javascript, and other areas would need more custom development. I would head over to the Developer Network to talk about what you want to build for your Ning Network and find out what’s possible with Ning Apps. You can also connect with externals developers there.


  2. Marianne Mueller

    I would like to design and implement a top-level look-and-feel (for example draw the buttons in a circle, and have the ability to receive a click from anywhere on a jpg overlay – basically plug in my own UI on top. Also I would use REST to access an external SQL database). I don’t know if your APIs support that. I could accomplish some of what I’d like to do with Google Gadgets and don’t know if you support that full API. I did read through some of your online information but not all and I thought it might be better to ask.

    Also I wondered if any developers/engineers from ning would be interested to meet for a couple hours to talk about the project I have in mind. I would be happy to pay a usual consulting fee. And/or dinner at restaurant of their choice! I used to work in the Java project at Sun and was cheered to see that Marc A is a founder. (I worked with Sami et al.)


  3. Charles

    1 week might be somewhat too short but anyway: hope there will be a video about this major ning event. Good luck and have fun!

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