Announcing the Ning Appathon Winners

Announcing the Ning Appathon Winners
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We’re excited to announce the results of our first global Ning Appathon!

After all the votes were tallied, Feedly Magazines took home the $5,000 prize for best original application and Sharendipity won the $4,000 prize for best ported application.

Submissions for our weeklong competition were judged by Wired Editor-in-chief and DIY Drones Network Creator Chris Anderson, Ning Chairman and Co-founder Marc Andreessen, and blogger and Managing Director of building43 Robert Scoble. The competition began on Nov. 5 with all submissions due on Nov. 12. The entrants were judged on creativity, usability, how well they integrate with Ning Networks, viral features, and usefulness.

“Developing on the Ning Platform allows us to create apps that can reach hundreds — to hundreds of thousands — of members across a single Ning Network instantly, something we can’t find on any other platform,” said Edwin Khodabakchian, developer of the winning app, Feedly Magazines. “With our Ning App, Network Creators can curate and compile their own magazine with content unique to the topic of their Ning Network and interests of their members.”

In addition to the two winning submissions, the judges also picked four finalists for recognition. The developers of two finalist original Ning Apps and two finalist ported Ning Apps each received $500.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Best Original Ning App

  • Feedly Magazines to add a custom magazine application (winner)
  • Snipi to enable sharing of favorite content from the Web (finalist)
  • Listings to post classified ads, developed by Apps.IO (finalist)

Best Ported Ning App

  • Sharendipity to make custom web applications and widgets (winner)
  • NutshellMail to create daily digests of emails from a Ning Network (finalist)
  • Ortist to share drawings and creations through a graphical scrapbook (finalist)

Along with the winning Ning Apps (which will soon be added to the Ning Apps directory), two additional Ning Apps that we’ve been working on in-house are now ready for install, Opinion and Top Friends. The Opinion Ning App allows Network Creators to pose a question to members and then view their responses in a tag cloud or list. With the Top Friends Ning App, members can list and organize their top friends on a given Ning Network.

If you’re interested in building a Ning App, is the place to start. For a complete list of Ning Apps, please visit

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9 thoughts on “Announcing the Ning Appathon Winners

  1. Carlos Tabora

    The “Add By URL” link does not seem to work for my Ning network too. All I get is an ERROR message when I try to follow the instructions in the feedly blog video. What is the correct address for adding a sitewide Ning App by URL?


  2. Dave Iannone

    Where are instructions for these Apps? Adding the Magazine one..not really clear where to make adjustments…

  3. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi John!

    All of the apps are now available. You can find them in the Apps Directory on your Ning Network. Not all of these apps are available currently in the Ning Apps Directory, but we hope to get all of them added shortly!


  4. Dave Iannone

    Is there some documentation on the Top Friends app?

    When I add it to the network, seems it wants to only use the NC’s friends options and the default URL it assigns to the tab also has the NC userid in it….


  5. Dinesh Kumar

    Congrats to all the Winners. It will be great if you can add links to all the applications.

    FYI: I am one of the finalist. My App name is Ortist. We are glad that you selected Ortist as one of the finalist.

  6. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Alexis,

    If you click on the Feedly link in the blog post above, there’s a tutorial on how you can add this Ning App by URL.


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